I don't have perfect credit; can I still be approved?

While application and background check are required, we do try to work with people who have had certain credit problems such as divorce or unexpected medical expenses, so “perfect” credit isn’t a requirement. Instead of using the traditional (and unreliable) FICO credit scoring, we have developed our own methods of application examination which are better for rentals, and do not treat credit problems (even bankruptcies) due to "one time" situations like a divorce or medical emergency nearly as harshly as the FICO system does. A single credit problem source, such as a divorce, is less of a problem than a history of credit problems over time. Depending on specifics, less than perfect credit may result in requiring additional security for us, such as a co-signer or additional deposit. There are certain background problems that are automatic disqualification. Some examples: Forcible Detainer filing in last 6 months, any conviction involving drug dealing, any misdemeanor conviction in last two years, any felony conviction in last 5 years, any sex offender conviction and any pending misdemeanor or felony charges. If uncertain, ask us about your specific situation.